Our old pal Brian Baker wrote up every juicy detail of this years MidPoint Music Festival for Cincinnati CityBeat and even managed to get over to MOTR to check out our set on the first night, Friday, September 23rd with Mystic Braves and Dream Ride. Here’s what he had to say:

“On Friday night, I bailed toward the end of Future Islands, which was, as noted, exceptionally cool and original, in order to catch at least a little of Lemon Sky at the nearby MOTR Pub. Due to a scheduling snafu, soundman Steve Schmoll didn’t arrive until 10:15 p.m., so the band went on at 10:30, meaning I was just in time to witness the quintet’s complete set. And what a set it was. There is little doubt in any mind that Lemon Sky is one of the area’s most accomplished and tightly prepared outfits. In the studio, the band effectively translates their musical expertise, first by writing compelling songs and arranging them to showcase their individual strengths without pretense or cloying creative ego and further by absorbing and translating their numerous influences in original and engaging ways. On stage, the band invests those same songs with a stratospheric power that approximates Hard Rock density without ever losing the melodic Pop soul that made it so deeply appealing in the first place.

In a shortened 50-minute opening set for L.A.’s Mystic Braves and the Dream Ride, Lemon Sky blew through songs from its eponymous debut and its stunning follow-up Dos, injecting a show stopping favorite, its white-hot cover of The Beatles’ “She’s So Heavy (I Want You),” which magnificently spotlights the hair-raising vocal acrobatics of frontman Aaron Madrigal, the masterful guitar interplay between Madrigal, Eric Cronstein and Ed Bruker and the heaven-sent, hell-scorched heartbeat rhythm section of bassist Steve Korfhagen and drummer Eric Keyes. In a very real sense, to see Lemon Sky, in a small club packed with fervent fans, singing along and screaming their lungs out after every song, seems reminiscent of fan-told tales from another era of seeing Led Zeppelin in an English pub or The Doors at the Whiskey, well before destiny came knocking. Lemon Sky is currently in the midst of completing their third album, and given the advances on Dos, largely due to the solidification of the new lineup and the band’s continued growth and evolution, the next one might just be the charm that attracts destiny to its front porch with flowers, a box of candy and a whispered invitation to the big time. And the band will be ready for its close-up.”

Brian, you’re the best!!!!!! #CincyMusic

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